A Message from David

My goal in sharing my book about the meaning of life and my collection of poems and musings with the world is simply to transform the world for the better by turning on the lights and turning up the love, which I state in my book and on the cover of my book about the meaning of life. What I mean by this is that it is time for us to wake up and listen to what God put us here to do. And what did God put us here to do? Well, you can read the poem below for the answer. However, I would like to explain that I define “God” as “all-inclusive, unified being”, which is synonymous with “love” and “oneness” in the most spiritual sense of these words. My books are not everybody’s cup of tea. My book about the meaning of life is primarily for those who are looking for a clear, sensible, reasonable, satisfying explanation of the meaning of life, and my book of poems and musings is primarily for those looking for spiritual illumination. I recommend that you read the comments on the “TESTIMONIALS” webpage of this website to learn about the kind of people who have found my books worth reading and see what they have said about my books.

Just This

We’re not from another star,
But we have come from very far
To trace an image in this place,
With sweat and blood and tears, God’s grace.
The power that has made us so
Beyond our needs drives us to grow
And teaches what we must unchoose
To strip away what we must lose
To realize where we are from
And then undo what we have done
To cloud the waters of this place
That have obscured from us God’s face.