Below is a collection of testimonials (more specifically, a collection of encouraging comments, and one that is not so encouraging) about David’s two books that David has received via e-mail since first publishing his book about the meaning of life (Unity in Diversity) in 2015 and since first publishing his book of poems and musings (Prayers for a New Millennium) in 2017.  David received these testimonials in e-mails from people all over the world.  Most of these people had purchased his books from him at a place called the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, where David sells his books from his wheelchair (David is disabled and spends most of his days in a wheelchair).  Included here are mostly the comments from the e-mails he received that are relevant to his books, but you may contact David to request that he send you the complete e-mail containing any of these comments if you would like to read the complete e-mail from which any of these comments came to verify their authenticity (or for whatever other reason), if you wish.  By the way, when you see “UID”, this refers to David’s book about the meaning of life (Unity in Diversity) and when you see “PRAYERS”, this refers to David’s book of poems and musings (Prayers for a New Millennium) in the introductory statements of these testimonials.  The dates included in these introductory statements refer to the date that David received the e-mail that includes the given testimonial.  Feel free to contact David at his e-mail address (dleon19@atlanticbb.net) with your own testimonial regarding either of his books if you wish to appear in this collection of testimonials.  These testimonials are listed in the order that they were received starting with the most recent one that David received.

This comment about UID and PRAYERS is from a woman named Gigi in New Brunswick, Canada (2/8/2020):

I am the woman who bought two books from you in Miami on Lincoln Road a few weeks ago. My name is Gigi. I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blue book about the meaning of life. I have read through it twice already! I get a new message each time. Thank you for your book. It has helped me through a very difficult period in my life. Your poetry is amazingly touching to me. We each have different struggles, and we do have a purpose. I am learning this through your book.

This comment about UID is from a young woman named Casey from South Carolina (11/19/2019):

I just wanted to share with you how much your book means to me.  It has changed my life.  I have always considered myself a spiritual person, and the concepts you have outlined in your book are not entirely new to me.  However, the way you have put these ideas into words resonates with me in a way that I absolutely admire. You have made these very complex ideas easier for me to understand simply, and even better, they are formatted in your book in a way that is ideal to share with others. I absolutely adore it.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Bat-Sheva from Israel (7/29/2019):

I enjoyed reading your book so much and I’m sure I’ll get back to it again.  It has influenced my mindset and it has made me ask many questions about myself, my life, my role in this world – as a parent, a teacher…


These comments about UID and PRAYERS are from a woman named Sabine and her young daughter, named Jona, from Germany (7/25/2019):

This is Sabine. I’m Jona’s mom. She wrote you a letter, which you will find below.  I’m in the process of reading your books right now and I’m really moved by your thoughts (I LOVE the New Dawn poem), and I would love to share them with some of our dearest friends living in California. We are sure that they would also be enlightened and pleased.

This is Jona.  I am the girl who met you in Miami Beach when my mother and I bought two books from you on Lincoln Road.  We are now back in Germany, in Berlin, our hometown.  I still have summer holidays for two more weeks, though my mom had to return to work already.  I am really enjoying reading your books, although I don’t understand every single thing.  But maybe a bit later, when I read them over again, I will get the whole message.  My mom is reading your book of poems right now, even though she is not a poem person, and once I saw her with wet eyes.  She says that it makes her really think about the meaning of life and so on.  She is happy that we met you and says that it was meant to be.  I love the poem on page 54 of your book of poems, the one you pointed out to me.


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Marlene from New Jersey and Puerto Rico (4/7/2019):

I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book and wow.  Your vision and idea for a World Without Walls and a website for people around the world is amazing and is very well planned.


This comment about UID and PRAYERS is from a man named Craig from the UK (4/3/2019):

My name is Craig.  I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly at the Lincoln Road Mall a couple of weeks ago and I bought copies of your books.  I have now read them both and enjoyed them very much.  Thank you.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Tatiana from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil (3/17/2019):

I bought your book yesterday and it is really good!  I’m reading it and I am fascinated because it connects the dots about God, life and human beings. I can tell you that your book is changing the way I see life… Thank you for the “wake me up”!


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Tanya from Russia (1/29/2019):

I love your book and I agree with every idea.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a young woman named Uriye from Turkey (12/31/2018):

This is Uriye, the girl with big curly hair that you see sometimes on Lincoln Road.  I just wanted to tell you that I was deeply touched by your poetry.  You have an amazing, beautiful soul and a great talent.  I really enjoyed reading your collection of poems.  Your poetry is very deep and eye opening.  I wish more people would understand it.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.


This comment about UID is from a man named Alexander (10/6/2018):

I loved the book!  Also, I wanted to get another 10 copies of the book.  Maybe we can meet on Lincoln Road again.  Just tell me when you’ll be there.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a young woman named Trinity (9/3/2018):

I just finished reading your amazing poetry.  And I just wanted to tell you how beautiful they all were!  I am truly in love with “I Know Why”.  It was just beautifully written.  I hope that you are still writing poetry!


This comment about PRAYERS is from a man named Rashon (8/17/2018):

This is Tina’s husband.  We met you on Lincoln Road and my wife Tina purchased your books.  I casually picked up your Prayers for a New Millennium and was blown away!  First off, I love poetry but I’m usually uninspired.  There is often such lack of depth.  I mean to say it does not touch my soul in a meaningful way.  “If they can’t drink light poured so free perhaps they’ll take its fruit from me”.  I mean wow, what a way of saying I will take the truth or light I’m striving to share with others and just live that truth and maybe they will receive the light from my walk in the light!  That’s so heavy!  So well said!  Also, “A Poet’s Job”…  “But what is needed most is soul, a soul well traveled through and through, for poets to fulfill their role and show what’s in us all to you.”  That is so good.  I find the most difficult thing to do it is to go within and search the soul in a naked way, then have the courage to share it in a transparent way!  Your energy is so calm and confident.  Clearly you have a scope that is unusual and very inspiring.  So glad to have met you!


This comment about UID is from a woman named Zenia (8/13/2018):

I am loving your book.  A good friend of mine told me long ago that the teacher only appears when the student is ready.  I’ve been longing for a book like this.  They should have it in every class in high school, college, and maybe elementary school.  We need to educate our people.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a young woman named Ana from Colombia (8/5/2018):

My mother and I read the Preface in your book of poems and we were both so touched by your dream and your words and how you described it that we started crying.  You truly have no idea how much your poems touched us.  We love them and are reading a poem every night together.  It really feels like God put my mom in your path to meet you.


This comment about UID and PRAYERS is from a woman named Hali (7/31/2018):

About a year ago on Lincoln Road I approached you and purchased your book, Unity in Diversity (which was an absolutely amazing book and I took many notes about it as well).  You also gifted me your book of poems.  I really enjoy your poems.  I’m not so into poems but I love songwriting and I think it’s your clever use of rhyme that makes your poems so enjoyable for me.  This morning I was especially moved by one of the first poems in your book of poems.  The one that states if you wish to have your heart burst it starts with feelings.  I look forward to reading the rest.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a woman named Nancy who is a writer (4/12/2018):

Think you for sending me the PDF of your book of poems.  I finally had some time this morning to read your poems.  I really enjoyed each of them.  Their tone is very much like the stuff I write daily, but your poems are more concise and beautiful.  Also, I agree with your messages.  And, to tell you the truth, I love your style of writing.  I have always preferred poems that rhyme rather than those that do not.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a young woman named Ypryl from the Philippines (4/4/2018):

I just finished reading your explanation about why death only happens to other people from your book of poems and musings.  In 17 years of living, I never experienced being as amazed as I am right now.  Everything you have said made sense.  And I just cannot help but to feel emotional.  Your explanation is something I will remember and always keep in mind.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.  Maybe someday, when I grow older, I will read your book once again and share it with my daughters and sons so that they will never have to be too afraid like I was before.  I enjoy reading your poems too, and can’t wait to read more of them.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a woman named Karin from Switzerland (3/15/2018):

I have read your book of poems over again.  Your poems are all really lovely.  I do remember reading No Truer Words, and it is wonderful…  I also especially like Do It Now, Be Who You Are, and Falling the reprise…  Your Preface is really beautiful.  I love the dream and how it played out.  You certainly have your fingers on the pulse of all eternity – your words are divinely inspired.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a man named Bob (3/7/2018):

I have to admit your poems are intoxicating, and if the pen is mightier than the sword, then you should be prosecuted for intent to do harm with a dangerous weapon – with writing.


This comment about PRAYERS and UID is from a man named Alex from Australia (3/6/2018):

I am the Australian guy who bought your book of poems and book about the meaning of life at the Lincoln Road Mall a couple of days ago.  Thank you for appearing in my life at that moment.  I was immediately drawn to talk to you and followed my intuition.  I have started reading through your poem collection and have been deeply touched by your story and some of the messages that have come to me through your poems.  Your explanation of GOD in your book about the meaning of life is the clearest explanation I have ever read, and I resonate with it immensely.  I have read Conversations with God, and your book is hitting me deeper than that book did.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a woman named Fariba from Iran (2/15/2018):

It was so nice to meet you last night.  I have almost finished reading all your poems and find them so beautiful!  I just wanted to drop a note and express my feelings.  I would definitely keep in contact with you.  It was so interesting to meet you last night.  I sometimes write poetry too, both in Farsi and English. Yesterday, someone felt hurt reading some of my poems!  It made me feel much better when I saw what you wrote: “If these poems speak to you, it is for you alone to search yourself to learn why.”


This comment about UID is from a man named Ferrante from Italy (2/13/2018):

I finished reading your book few weeks ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is very thoughtful and well written.


This comment about UID and PRAYERS is from a man named Chris from Macedonia (1/21/2018):

I find your book about the meaning of life amazing and the book of poems is just as good.  You have a great talent and I love your way of thinking!  No matter what people’s opinion about life is, I think everyone should read your books.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Erika from Mexico (10/26/2017):

I waited two years for this moment.  And I met you because I had to. Isn’t it amazing when things just come together easily?  Well, for a specific reason, the day I turned and looked at you outside that store on Lincoln Road, I decided to come up to you and ask you what were you doing.  To be honest, I was afraid of looking at you.  I was afraid of seeing again another person asking for mercy, for money, food, or complaining about their horrible life.  I was afraid that when I turned my attention to you and your sign, it would say something like that, because that hurts me so much.  I can’t deal with more suffering in the world.  It just breaks my heart.  But I don’t know why I made the decision to read your sign: “What is the purpose of life?”  You were the opposite of what I thought.  It was as if someone sent you to me. I didn’t hesitate to buy your book. I just felt I was doing the right thing.  And yes, I was.

Your short book confirmed some of my feelings and thoughts.  It also explained and helped me organized them in a better way and more importantly, it taught me the most important thing: after reading your book I learned of a “new” God.  I am Catholic and I don’t like the God that is taught to us, and for that reason I understand now that what my intuition has been leading me to is right, because it comes from my deep inside, and I have always known (I accepted it about a year ago) that nothing would make me more happy than to help.  Thank you, because I understand WHY I feel that HELPING is the only reason why I am here. I am so happy to discover that now.


This comment about UID is from a man named Nestor from Venezuela (9/26/2017):

I decided to write this e-mail because I feel the need to thank you.  Unity in Diversity is a great book and it arrived in my life at the right time.  You’re a light.


This comment about PRAYERS is from a woman named Jessica from Colombia (9/25/2017):

Absolutely wonderful poems!  No words, David.  Thank you for sharing them with me.  How they have touched me and inspired me.  Thank you so very much.  Amazing, just amazing.  Perfectly timed too.  So appropriate for what has been going on in my life.


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Pinar from Turkey (9/4/2017):

This is Pinar, the Turkish girl you met yesterday.  I started reading your book, and just reached the part about meditation.  But first impressions: I am so glad to have come across you and have this book.  It just filled my morning with a feeling of joy, and it was also a big surprise that you started with quantum physics, which I am very interested in.  That I considered more than just a coincidence.  The oneness you are explaining is very prominent in sufism, which I am sure you know of, especially in thoughts revolving around the idea “I am God”, which states that we are all reflections of God and that God exists through us.  Anyway, I just wanted to contact you and say that I am glad to be reading your ideas.  They give me a better understanding to unite all those bits and pieces I read/heard about previously.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Adrian (8/14/2017):

I’ve been wanting to write this e-mail for some time now, but first I want to explain how I came across your book by chance.  I am the kind of person who believes in science and certainty and never in luck.  I don’t consider myself in any way an atheist – just not a believer of religion.  My husband and I, along with my family, were spending time in South Beach when you unexpectedly crossed paths with him.  As he has told me, he immediately noticed you and I came to assume that you did him, which led to him purchasing your book.  He is not a reader at all, but for some odd reason he chose to purchase your book.  During our time in Miami, I read your book.  I take great pleasure in reading and learning whenever possible.  I felt compelled to tell you that I think your ideas are great. Your explanation of “God” and your description of God’s quantum relevance is deeply enlightening.  See, I like everyone else in this world, have been searching for answers to questions that can lead to the reason why I am alive.  Not only alive but also specifically why at this point in the space-time continuum.  Your ability to conquer the uncertainty that you faced after your accident makes you a resilient author and I only hope that you continue to spread your thread of enlightenment that will help others like myself realize that there are people out there that share the same wonder for what our purpose is and what God may be. Through pieces of literature such as yours that are unconventional to the masses, a movement that has already begun will take hold and hopefully one day create Unity in Diversity, a title that you ingenuously used and a phrase that our world so desperately needs to apply.  I hope you find yourself well and thank you for the book.


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Elif from New York (8/1/2017):

I loved your book.  I loved how you gave referrals, and believe me, I checked it all out.  Everything about your book is surprising to me because I feel like it came into my busy, New Yorker style life at the very right time.  Your timing was great, I have to admit.  So I just want to send you this email to tell you how much I loved your book and ideas!  I love, LOVE THE CLOSING!  Thank you very much!  I will keep following the signs that the universe is giving me, and just know that you are one of them – a very important one.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Elena from Miami (7/5/2017):

This is your friend Elena, from the JCC (we met when I had my broken foot and used the upper-body cycle a lot).  I finally had a chance to read your book and found it very inspiring.  I especially connected with the chapters “Evil” and “Heaven and Hell” because one thing that frustrates me greatly is that I feel like I am surrounded by people (or that we live in a world with people) who perceive life as a zero-sum gain.  I actually shared “Evil” with my 12-year-old son (and plan to share “Heaven and Hell” with him when he returns from camp) because it really encapsulated what I feel intuitively I am trying to instill in him – a world view that we are all in this together, and not one that is about who we can get ahead of or beat (although there is of course a place for healthy competition in things like sports and the marketplace).


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Katerina from Los Angeles (6/19/2017):

My name is Katerina Cozias.  You may remember me from a few weeks back.  We met on Lincoln Road.  I was the girl sitting behind you having an early dinner at Books & Books who bought your book on that rainy day.  I wanted to take a moment and write to you now.  Firstly, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed your book!  I devoured it on the plane ride back to Los Angeles.  Thank you so very much for having taken the time and effort to write it.  The ideas expressed in the book are so on point, and resonated with me on many levels!  Also, the ideas you articulated during the latter half of the book were wonderful (My English Childhood/The Internet Payment Network/The World Without Walls).  It is a real joy to have been able to have my mind and imagination opened up with those ideas.  Should I ever happen to come across anyone whom I think may benefit from a more in-depth conversation with you about those, be it from a practical “tech” perspective, or from a potential funding avenue, I will make sure to connect you both.  For now, I wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful book.  It will indeed be important for people to be unified in their diversity as man progresses.  Books and ideas such as yours are sure to help smooth out that process for all.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Rose (5/31/2017):

Truly inspirational book.  I kept seeing you on stage at a Ted Talk.  Please forward a book to them.  Your story is wonderful, and tragic too.  It touches my heart because of your discoveries about life.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring and amazing story.  Hope to see you on stage at a Ted Talk soon.


This comment about UID is from a young woman named Ludovica from Italy (3/24/2017):

My name is Ludovica Bassetti and we met about two weeks ago on Lincoln Road where you were selling your book.  I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading it.  It was uplifting, inspiring, mind opening, and overall a very relaxing read.  I also enjoyed the poems.  I liked how they reinforced some of the concepts you explained and feel like they gave the book a more personal, intimate touch.  I’m glad I found the courage to walk up to you and ask you about your “secret” (I say “courage” because I’m pretty shy and although your sign intrigued me, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to walk up to a stranger and converse), but I did, and it was definitely worth it.


This comment about UID is from my cousin Arturo, who is a successful lawyer in Miami (3/20/2017):

I have difficulty understanding the concepts in your book.  God, or the life force that essentially drives everything… Where did it come from?  Better yet, what does it consist of and why does it/he/she want to experience himself/herself/itself through us?  And how did God come about?  Best of all, why so much secrecy?  Why are we kept in the dark?  While the concepts are interesting they appear to be only that.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Karin from Switzerland (1/30/2017):

Wow, your book was really lovely, and what was most unusual about it was the suggestions of your three projects to transform our world for the better.  Each one, in and of itself, is quite enormous.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Xandra (1/21/2017):

I am getting back to you after I read the book.  It was a pleasure and a joy to read.  I must admit that much of your experience resonates with my soul in many ways.  It also seems to me that your journey is everybody’s journey at this time on the planet.  It’s as if you are part of a wave bigger than yourself where we are all playing a part, whether we are aware of it or not.  But you have the talent to make it very clear in words which is great so it may become more clear in our minds.  That is a great help – thank you.


This comment about UID is from a man named Kevin from Zimbabwe (12/20/2016):

I’ve just finished reading your book and I must say that it is a great read, and I’m not just saying that.  I could not put it down.  You have managed to articulate complex topics with such ease.


This comment about UID is from a man named Wilson from Brazil (8/17/2016):

I got your book from your cousin and I am really touched.  Great insights and profound teaching.  Thanks for sharing such joy of life.


This comment about UID is from a man named Michiel from Holland (6/7/2016):

Your book is truly inspirational.  People say the eyes are the windows into a person’s soul and I suspect the same can be said about your book.  I found it very interesting and read it with pleasure.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Niurka (2/8/2016):

The reading of “Unity in Diversity: a new dawn” (which I have also shared with my children) has inspires me to thank you for your dedication.  I have enjoyed it a lot, among other reasons for the simple and deep vocabulary.  Thank you.  You ought to feel a very lucky man when perceptibly you can contribute to explain a new and better vision of life to people like me and others.


This comment about UID is from my cousin Maria Eugenia who lives in Washington state (7/30/2015):

I have recently finished reading your book.  It was really awesome and very deep and I found I really almost had to read each part twice to fully get it.  It’s incredible your thought process and your thinking.  I really enjoyed the challenge of it.


This comment about UID is from a woman named Faye from Miami (7/25/2015):

Your book was written beautifully.  It is not difficult to read, and the material stays with you but takes a lot of time to absorb.


This comment about UID is from a man named Hugo from Miami (7/10/2015):

I just finished reading your book, Unity in Diversity, for a second time.  My favorite chapter is chapter 12, about keeping a clean conscience.  Your poem “A New Dawn” is beautiful.


This comment about UID is from a friend named Boris in Brazil (1/22/2015):

First, I must admit that I had to start from page 1, and then found I was unable to tear myself away for at least 30 pages, absorbing every single word.  Congratulations.  You express your ideas in a very nice and simple, objective way, and I was enchanted.  I’ve always (since we became acquainted online) admired you for your courage to go beyond your own physical condition.  You are living your ideas fully whereas I am still tied up in the shoe-strings of “material” life which make me trip every time they get loose.  Your poems are an exercise of meditation in itself.  I will surely want to recommend your book to several friends of mine.